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You have RIGHTS - Protect them NOW

If you are being investigated for, or have been charged with a crime – trafficmisdemeanor, or felony – contact the OVI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys at Stiefvater Law, LLC to discuss the aggressive defense to which you are entitled. The direct dial number to your criminal attorney and DUI lawyer is 216-867-0429. The initial consultation is ALWAYS free. Stop searching the internet and start getting answers now!

Stiefvater Law, LLC was formed for protection of the individual - the protection of your rights. You can expect honest answers to your legal questions and realistic opinions regarding legal outcomes.  Whether you have been charged with OVI, felonious assault, or any other crime - call now!

DUI Lawyer, Traffic & Criminal Defense Attorney

The DUI lawyers and criminal attorneys at Stiefvater Law, LLC offer aggressive defense for ALL crimes. Whether you are charged with a DUI (OVI - Drunk Driving), a simple speeding ticket and want to avoid points on your license, or if you are charged with the most severe crimes in County or Federal Court and your livelihood or even life depends upon your defense – call IMMEDIATELY. Stiefvater Law, LLC will mastermind an aggressive and effective defense. Resources are unlimited- whether it be Founding Attorney Robert Stiefvater personally representing you, retention of a nationally renowned expert, or formulation of a “dream team” of lawyers. Your rights WILL be protected… all you need to do is take the first and always free step. Call right now. You have no excuse not to! 

Excessive Force Attorney & Personal Injury Lawyer

When Founding Attorney Stiefvater first started practicing law, 100% of that practice was devoted to DEFENDING personal injury, catastrophic personal injury, toxic tort, wrongful death, and civil rights lawsuits / excessive force lawsuits / jail death lawsuits (42 U.S.C. §1983 lawsuits). Since “switching sides” and representing the individual against the insurance companies, cities, counties, and police departments, Robert’s experience as an attorney defending those cases has proven invaluable. He knows how the defense thinks and this knowledge enables him to stay steps ahead of the other side. His experience has taught him how to survive motion practice and get YOUR case in front of a jury – thereby letting JUSTICE be done. You deserve justice.